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"Hey, Joe."

Some things before and after September 11th, 2001, remain the same. Each morning I wake up, put on my running shoes, and head towards the front door in anticipation of a fresh air jog. I turn the knob and swing open the door. I take a deep breath in. The first words out of my mouth after I step onto the front porch are, "Hey, Joe." And I expect a response. That's where the similarities end. Joe Rivelli, my next door neighbor died in uniform on Tuesday, September 11th, 2001. There is no better fitting name for him than Joe. Joe is synonymous with American. During the past century, a person in any other country would call out, "Hey, Joe" to a soldier in an American uniform. Most times it was "Hey, Joe, can you help me?" Shortening the question Americans are now left with "Hey, Joe" to answer to. Joe Rivelli, a New York City Firefighter, answered his call and died while fighting to save someone's life. I still call out "Hey, Joe" each morning, but my voice projection has changed. I no longer address my next door neighbor. Today my voice calls out to each American citizen, each American soldier, and an American President. "Hey, Joe." And I expect a response.